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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ed and Ethan's Bitcoin cast #16

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Show Notes:
- There's talk of the fall of Mt. GOX but should it be talk about the fall of centralized exchanges instead?

- A paper from University of Chicago prof' Nichloas Plassaras opines on bitcoin. We think he needs to read the bitcoin wikipedia article.

- Ethan's pet peeve about bitcoin discussions is that they're so American centric but could that possibly be a benefit?

- Also, China is running with bitcoin in a big way. A great website shows the number of nodes running in China and it's a lot. Check out the link. 

- Argentina is having problems with inflation and reliable economic data from government is just wishful thinking. Bitcoin users? Not affected.

- We ran out of time before we could really get into bitmessage inspired by the bitcon protocol but it's well worth a look.

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