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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 ASIC Miners

Russian ASIC Miner with Bitfury ASIC chips.

What are the specifications of the Bitfury Asic? you may ask?

Technical Details (Translated from various Bitfury Posts) The design is built on the 65nm UMC Process (
Bitcoin Engines: 756 Rolled cores (65 Cycles per Hash)
Expected operational frequency: 250Mhz-900Mhz
Packaging: QFN48
Conservative design, could be 40% smaller
Risk interconnect and transistor variations +/- 20%
Core implemented using full custom design process (some global place & route)
Number of transistors per "core": 55,000
Power estimate obtained from hspice simulation
Design optimised for low power and minimum size rather than high clock rate

Each chip is capable of 2.8-10.4Gh/s using a 756 core design
Estimated Chip Power Consumption: 1.96-7.26W (0.7W per 1Gh/s)
Estimated Power Consumption at Wall: 1.4W per 1Gh/s



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